The Makers Guild is a select collection of rare and limited edition objects crafted by passionate creators from around the world. Whether vintage or modern, each tells the story of the maker who created it.

As designer, co-founder and Creative Director of Troscan, I have always been devoted to authentic creativity. As a collector — some might call me a hunter-gatherer — my passion has been to find special pieces that are right at home with the furniture we create and show in our studio space. With The Makers Guild, I am sharing my love for things beautifully made, pieces I want to live with myself. In doing this, I hope to honor these makers, tell their stories, and, in some small way, help sustain their craft. I have a deep commitment to things well made. I also love to learn the stories behind the making and the people who made them and share their passion for craft.


The Makers Guild will be an ever-changing assemblage of collections and pieces brought together, constituted as a kind of family, anchored by a thoughtful exploration of form, material, and color.  As this project progresses, we will layer in new makers, materials, and processes that we find enriching in our own spaces. Bringing together new and old pieces in our house-made museum boxes and shelves, we hope to inspire ways to display these special one-of-a-kind collections and objects.

As makers ourselves, we will continually be inspired to develop and collaborate with our own crafted objects and lighting for The Makers Guild collection. 


Deirdre Jordan

Designer and Founder of The Makers Guild